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I explored the using WordPress platform and then fired my old design company in 2012 but mistakenly set the root folder at instead of Too many “NO’ “CAN NOT BE DONE” from old company frustrated me and I decided to take IT design job to my own hand then. and run concurrently for a while before the contract with old company came to end. Five years later, I am very delight to see that I made a great decision. Education and IT combination need your experience in both area and keep updating your IT knowledge and looking the solution to combine them together. The result is in 2015. Educational Video ( I coined it “Edeo”) combined the Textbook, Best Teaching, Quiz, Audio, Video, Personal Learning Management System (PLMS) seamlessly in one platform which can be access anywhere using smart phone, tablet and computer etc. This bring the great convenience to users.

I am very happy to contribute little bit to oversea Chinese Teaching and hope to fully use my Mater IT knowledge to include more Learning subjects into my platform. Enjoying the process of working and contributing more in Education will be my lifelong career.

Nothing will be FREE forever. My professional ACCA accountant experience and many years experience in business world tell me that every person and company need sound finance to survive and flourishing! This is the purpose I bring back and name it “Legoo Mandarin Online Learning School BizPortal”. This is the online business platform, including Shop Layout, Payment Gateway, Affiliate program. Let we team together to sell your Knowledge as Instructor or sell our educational products as an Affiliate using our Affiliate program.


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