Art of War – 36 Strategies 三十六计 Promo Video

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“Thirty-six Strategies” or ” Thirty-six Stratagems “refers to the ancient Chinese thirty-six tactics of war, originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties ( 420 AD – 589 AD), formed a book in the Ming Dynasties (1368 AD – 1644 AD) and Qing Dynasties (1644 AD—1912 AD).
It is a military strategic book based on Chinese ancient excellent military thinking and rich experience of the War struggles, is one of the long-lasting cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

We present “The 36 Strategies” in plain style Chinese, together with the best possible English translation we can, and our unique way of “Vocabulary Builder”.
The whole series are suitable for the foreigners who are in the intermediate and advanced level (similar to HSK 4, 5, AS, IB, SAT and AP)
Our Edeo (Education video) approach, which integrated the video, audio, PowerPoint, explanations and online quizzes, will give you a new experience of online learning.

Art of War – 36 Strategies 三十六计 Promo Video

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